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Originally Posted by kimbale View Post
@mycobraracr My godfather is retired SWAT and a retired Police Chief, that dog reminds me of the K9s he worked with. High drive, sleeve or no sleeve. There's anxiety in the bark, but his body language overrides it which to me says it's an excitable anxiety. This reminds me of the K9s that will throw themselves against the inside window if you get too close to the squad car. I've had that happen. Lol!

They don't mess around.

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difficult to express to someone something which experience , good comparisons and good mentors can teach you -- the nuances and the feeling a dog out

I hear frustrated prey reaction .

Can this dog do the job ? Oh , I would say so . He has the intensity .
Being reactive aggression is not saying that the dog lacks courage .

The "fire-up" might be quicker to ignite . Ultimately the threshold may have a lower ceiling ,
but not one that handi-caps the dog from getting the job done.

there may be issues with being over wrought , too easily stimulated, not being clear and not coming down and returning to a base of stable and discerning.

physically the dog might have stress reactions which will create inflammation, adrenal exhaustion, digestive impacts -- more wear and tear in general.

and speaking of general I am not targeting this dog - but the reactive aggressive dog in general.



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