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Originally Posted by Momto2GSDs View Post
Yes, the Organic Apple Cider Vinegar is completely different from the processed plain vinegar's like Heinz.

You can purchase it at a local health food store. More and more grocery stores are now stocking it!

So even though Heinz bottle says unfiltered with the mother it is still processed?

I am so lost as to what is or isn't processed or healthy anymore.

There is quite a debate here in my little town, the guy who runs a local farmers market will go out back and pick a tomato from his garden isn't considered as healthy as going to the big box store and buying one labeled as organic because he doesn't go through all the hoops and fill out all the paperwork to be considered organic. His is fresh grown picked in front of me and tastes a heck of a lot better than what I can buy in the store. Unfortunately a lot of people have gotten involved and are trying to make him jump through those paperwork hoops. Even though he is considered a small farmer and isn't supposed to need to go through those hoops. It's sad. I think they are going to put him out of business. So I will have no choice but to buy through walmart again. Ugh. Its not like we have a have a lot of choice here unless we want to drive
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