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looking for a GSD in central IN

hi, we have been trying to adopt [or even purchase from a breeder ] in central IN. we are 30 mi N of indy. we are very experienced GSD owners. i even trained and worked a tracker for a rescue squad. most of the rescue dogs i encounter are mixed and i am not ready to deal w/ a mix. i prefer a dog who has had at least 3 months w/ his mom or parents and siblings. i believe it is not good for their socialization to to take them at the usual 8 weeks. i only want a male under about 15 months. i prefer the GERMAN lines w/ square rear [as opposed to the american sloped back]. any leads will be appreciated. we have a home w/ a fenced dog area 60' x 90' and keep the dog indoors and w/ us at night. TIA for any help.
PS - i'm new here. if there is a better thread to post this, please advise.
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