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There was an agility course set up at a dog event I went to once. Pay a buck and take your dog thru, to benefit the humane society or something. I let my girl go, she was such an athlete when she was younger. Ran up on the dog walk, no fear, ran along till she lost her balance and then she realized she had lost it and sort of kicked off toward me like "mom, catch me!!"

Well, I did. Wasn't going to let her fall. Unfortunately or fortunately she had that blind faith in me so I had to deliver. Of course, I should have been more careful and made her be more careful. Luckily I was fit enough to pluck her out of the air and lower her down.

Her mom was an agility dog. I am sure she would have rocked it if I had taught her how.

I tried to teach her a chute at home once and it was a disaster, she got tangled up, flipped upside down, total crash. But I told her to stop fighting and I would get her out so she did and I did and luckily she wasn't hurt and isnt the type of dog to care about something like that. Tunnels are her favorite. She runs through like wheee!
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