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Hate to double post, but just wanted to give an update.

We went to the group class today. I was apparently worried over nothing, as she behaved very well. Only one quick bout of barking at one dog, which was shut down very quickly with a simple correction and being put straight to work (sits, downs, heels, etc). In fact, by the end of the class, we were getting compliments on how nice her temperament is! AND a dog got loose while we were sequencing and walked into Xuri's path... and Xuri completely ignored it!! Good girl

The class is waaaaaay below our skill level, but I still feel that it is very important for her to be around other dogs running. We shall see how it progresses. One thing I was a bit frustrated with was the fact that we ran an identical sequence (that we performed well on the first try) three or four times. Looking back, I realized I should have at least changed up my handling and tried a different cross to try to spice things up, instead of handling it the same way every time-live and learn! Will definitely be doing that next class.

On a side note, we did some impulse control training last night, in preparation for the class setting. I took her out to the dog park (which is really just an open field where people walk their dogs), and had her sit, down, or heel whenever we passed another dog. I was shoveling a lot of hot dogs into her face to keep her attention, lmao! Funny how everyone else was asking if she was dog friendly. Guess they just see me "restraining" a GSD when they walk by and assume she is dangerous. Although we WERE off leash so to me that would indicate a dog being well-trained, not ill-mannered. But hey, everyone is always scared of my big bad GSD anyway
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