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Thank you, all!
This is very helpful.
Thanks for reading all that, and sharing your thoughts.
Your replies have made a difference.

I had already convinced myself to get a more "low-maintenance" breed, but my husband is still set on GSDs.
(That's because he hasn't done as much research and I suspect, he knows he won't be the main caretaker...;-)
He is actually a middle-aged scientist/professor :-)

Thank for all the tips!

If we apply, I will mention something like "mellow, middle-aged GSD content to be a family companion" and say that we can promise the minimum of: one 2-3 mile walk a day (that's my exercise, so I could use a buddy) plus training/hiking on weekends, + a fenced yard.

I know realistically what 5-10 years of DAILY walks & play & training MEANS, and I would rather UNDERcommit upfront than overcommit, if you know what I mean...I am not going to be one of those people that says, "Oh Yeah! Hours of training and play every day! Will get dog titled in Schutzhund!" and then a year later, the dog is crated all day...:-\

Yea, perhaps too idealistic about training. Kids probably does not equate dog? An obedience class sounds fine - get out and about, meet other dogowners & figure out how to get your dog to understand you. (This is a horrible 'competitive parent' kind of thought...but I bet GSDs are usually among the best in the class? Bumper sticker:"My Dog is an Honor Student in Obedience Class." Just kidding! )

Yea, it was always ONLY rescue I was looking at. Heartbreaking that so many animals are euthanized. I can't imagine what it would be like to live at the shelter for weeks, and then be dragged down the hallway to Death...Since we are just looking for a pet, I will rescue/adopt. Our cat and our guinea pigs, all came from rescues.

Have a good day, all!
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