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It sounds like things are going great!!! Just remember take things very slowly with introducing her to new people so that things remain positive and safe for her. Set her up to succeed by limiting her interactions with people to you and your partner, then slowly adding one or two trusted people add a time, over many weeks, so she keeps having very positive interactions.

Luckily, we don't have much incidence of tick disease in the Gulf South, but there may be other little ticks hiding in folds or in even in ears. It might be worth giving her a dose of NexGuard (from the vet), just to be sure you get them all. We do that pretty routinely in the rescue when dogs are found with ticks -- one dose kills them all.

Has she been heartworm tested recently? If not, I would put that on the to-do list at the vet soon, given that you're in Mississippi. Any rescued dog found with an engorged tick makes me a little suspicious about the dog's HW status, as former owners who slacked off on one kind of anti-parasite prevention might have slacked on them all. Unfortunately, we're in the middle of a HW epidemic in the Deep South. Year-round monthly HW prevention is mandatory down here, but many owners forget or miss doses, creating opportunities for infection.
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