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Many of the pet dogs I get in exhibit this issue. The best solution. Crate training.
In the house and in the car. Its ideal for dogs prone to anxiety or excessive eruptions of energy around the house.
a) Teaches the dog to settle
b) Prevents many symptoms of anxiety related behaviors including noise and destruction of property
c) Teaches the dog to handle long periods of time out of sight and contact with the handler and remain calm / balanced
d) You end up with a dog that travels well and can stay in strange places without destroying property or making messes.

For the car I like a nice tight airline style crate. For GSD size dogs a Large works fine and can fit in the back seat of most sedans.
The tight confines and feeling of being in a hole will actually create a sense of security and enforced calm.
Initially your dog may offer protest behaviors like whining and or barking. Ignore or punish these behaviors. I prefer punishment as its less ambiguous and erradicates the behaviour faster.

If you want to try some warmup exercises put the dog in the crate in the car and just leave her there for an hour or so without going anywhere while you work around the house or whatever.

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