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Originally Posted by wildo View Post
Smartest "dog training" move I ever made. My dog needed time to grow and mature mentally before the stress of agility. Probably the hardest dog training move I ever made as well
Definitely felt like an embarrassment as a (pet dog) trainer myself at first but I had to do it and felt really good about it later.
The agility trainer said "not to worry about falling off the dog walk as she will learn that way". But I saw accidents and injury coming so no thanks! It was a relief. This intense dog has taught me so much about opening my mind to techniques and decisions to make.
Cam, however, at 6 months old is a breeze in agility already, almost too easy but a relief at the same time. Once he is done with two classes I may enter Deja back in the summer. She has solid obedience and impulse control compared to last year. What a difference a year makes at this age.
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