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What Kasalkaos said….
A 'pet trainer' is a crap shoot when it comes to training a GSD. We wasted a lot of time/money during the first year with our pups, taking advice from "pet" trainers and even a "behaviorist". In hindsight, these trainers lacked knowledge/expertise of GSD's and many of their suggestions were not very helpful. By far, the most helpful information came from this forum. Because of the abundance of information and expertise, I was able to sort through and pick and choose what I believed would be most appropriate for our two pups throughout their quickly-changing/evolving developmental stages. We did some things right and some things not-so-right. And, because of a suggestion/recommendation from a member of this forum, we reached out to a reputable GSD trainer and are now enjoying (for the first time) working with a trainer who understands GSD's. Training is on track for the first time. Best advice: 1) research breeder, 2) only one GSD at a time, 3) find an experienced GSD trainer and 4) socialize, socialize, socialize your pup!!!

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