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Originally Posted by car2ner View Post

I got my first puppy a month ago and we did enough research and prepared mentally long enough that we haven't been completely surprised or taken back yet. But I will agree with everyone that they are a lot of work. I have two kids already and I feel like I just had a 3rd baby. She needs me just as much as my kids and she depends on us for everything. We love her so much that it seriously amazes me. She is challenging but we are up for the challenge.

Be careful when this pup gets to be about two years old or so. After all the work and training you will realize what an awesome dog you have...and then you'll find yourself thinking about getting another one. Beware of "puppy fever" (grin)
It's true. My girl is coming up on 2, and she is awesome. And I'm already starting to think how if one GSD is so much fun, two would be even BETTER! Not rational for our situation right now, so no second pup for me, but that didn't stop me from melting all over the place when somebody brought a litter of puppies to the training club to socialize in an empty ring. They were so stinking cute.
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