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Originally Posted by carmspack View Post
sure would like to know the lines , , the previous work done with her, as in did she come straight out of the breeding program , was she bred specifically for therapy (means a lot), did she transition into a foster home, did she have to meet benchmarks in a selection process, and , almost done, how was she chosen for YOU !

you might be interested in these assistance dogs - not suggesting the breed , but some good information on the qualities and experiences that make for a good assistance dog
Thanks for getting back to me. As far as lines, I haven't personally seen the papers, the trainer is going to help me with all of it next week when he comes down. I was told that the lines were impressive and know that the dogs are bred for specific purposes. They breed working dogs and service dogs and select the dog for the task based on temperament. I was selected by the dog not the dog selected for me. In a designated area, I was asked to stay fairly still and have no interaction with the dog unless he/she came to me in which case I was asked to praise/pet. After 8 dogs the one that I perceived as the calmest and most affectionate was the one the trainer said had picked me. As far as previous work done, there has been very little so that she and I are trained together from what I gather. And as for foster home, no she came directly from the breeder/trainer.
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