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Our rescue

Hey guys, so it's been about two weeks since we got Ms. Ellie and I'm worried I guess. When she first got here she was so full of energy and playful and just wanted to play. Well I don't know if she is sick (we've just found a tick but it just seemed like a dog tick not deer tic) but she's just been skiddish lately, she either chooses to hide out in her crate, or on the couch. She only chooses to play if we are going outside, she'll know that means play time. If we offer toys she will just look at them and go to her cage. Outside she loves to run inside she just hangs out now. We didn't get a whole lot of info from the foster because the fact that the people who gave her up just brushed her off. But it does seem like she was previously sheltered or abused. She is very... Questionable if we try to call her to the bed, she will look at you as if to say "hmm I don't know if that is okay" and when we finally get her on she can't wait to get down because she looks so panicked. Once we get her settled on the bed her tail gets wagging and she'll hang out for a few hours. I don't know if she is still easing in or if she caught something and is sick. Our vet appointment isn't for another week! Suggestions ? Comments?

Here are some pictures of her outside super excited. I don't have many inside to show you the difference.

Oh! And she's super obedient. I mean she you call her she comes, sit she sits (sometimes you have to say more than once) if you tell her go to bed (cage) she will. So again leads me to think she might've been abused because she usually will do what's told with her ears down.

I love her dearly so I'm concerned, not unhappy about her because she's a great dog. I just want some advice.
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