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Originally Posted by MaggieRoseLee View Post
Is that a normal amount of line breeding for a breeder on the male? I don't breed so wouldn't know whats better or not but this seems more than usual? Not sure I can figure this out ---> SUCCESSFUL DOG BREEDING, LINEBREEDING, INBREEDING, OUTCROSSING


Linebreeding - 5 generations Inbreeding coefficient
Father - Mother Who Wright's Hardiman's
4 - 4 V Duran vom Weidegang 00.78% 03.32%
↳5 - 5 ↳G Dsheta von den Gnitzer Hhen
4 - 4 SG Filou vom Kaolinsee 00.79% 03.32%
↳5 - 5 ↳V Bessy vom Kaolinsee
5,5 - 5 V Mentor vom Haus Iris 00.20% 02.59%
5 - 5,5 SG Condor von den Tonteichen 00.20% 02.54%

Remember no breeder bashing is allowed on this forum, but you can PM any information that you want to pass on, and good stuff can obviously be on the open part of the forum.

I also live in PA and I know I have to be super careful when looking at breeders to avoid all the puppy millers and Amish puppy mills that we have in the state. So if you are widening your search you need to be very careful to 'vet' the breeder. Make sure you talk to others with past puppies, go to see the home they are born in, see mom dog for sure and sire if he's on site.

REALLY make sure you learn most of the stuff on this link ---> and . Huge help when winding your way around to start finding the best puppy for the next 12 or so years.
What is it to 'vet' a breeder?
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