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Originally Posted by Factor View Post
Thanks! Am I correct if I say that I dont think there is any way to make me more fun at the protection training when I already do my best to praise her when she is doing right? I am still the person that have to demand her to listen to my commands and she is not super fond of that there is suddenly obedience included in this training.
I just realized my comment may have come off as rude. I apologize.

It all comes down to how the dog is being worked. If this is a concern to you, then don't let the helper slip the sleeve until you have a line on your dog. Once the line is on, let helper slip, recall dog back to you and when she comes to you, YOU play with her and the sleeve like a giant tug. Don't put it on, just be interactive with her and the sleeve.

Again, it comes down to how the dog is worked. I don't slip sleeves. I am not a reward. I'm an adversary.
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