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Questions - Holistic / Environmental Support, Cataracts

I had a less than awesome vet appointment today. For the last few weeks I started noticing a very (very) slight blue/gray cast in my 6.5 year old's eyes. Talked to my vet, and decided to bring her in for a checkup. He was out of the office for a few days and I wanted to wait until he (personally) was back in town, so I spent the last week worrying about pannus and other things.....

Diagnosis, cataracts (very small/slight, extremely early). He was patient and kind enough to totally darken/black-out the room, show me where to look, and what he was seeing. It was very informative, and if I hadn't been silently freaking out, I would have been fascinated. At this point there's no real vision loss, no irritation. He described it as the human equivalent of a faint, dirty thumbprint in the center of your reading glasses.

Current management plan is to give her replacement tears (non prescription, the mild OTC kind made for humans) any time we're going to be outside for more than two hours. Especially in bright sun and around the water, and every time it's windy. This breaks my heart since we're coming up on snowshoe and ice camping/fishing season, two of her favorite things, and we live on the water. I'm probably overreacting, he actually said he was surprised that I was able to detect them.... at her annual checkup a few months ago, eyes were totally clear. I guess I spend too many hours staring into her eyes, or something. Of course if anything changes visibly, back in we go, and he did discuss future potential surgical procedures, if things reach that point.

I started reading old threads today, and most of what I found emphasizes the importance of antioxidants. She currently gets a tablespoon of organic cold-press coconut oil with breakfast. I occasionally dehydrate strips of sweet potatoes, I can easily do this more often. She doesn't have any food allergies that I'm aware of, and she currently eats Fromm 4-star (grain free), with eggs (in the summer), homemade bone broth (when the chickens quit laying), and raw bones/occasional commercial raw patties for evening chewing, or just because.

Any other dietary recommendations?

And what's really bothering me, does anyone have any experience with outdoor activities causing more irritation?

I don't want to be the crazy person who runs out and buys a bunch of useless stuff, and I certainly don't plan to lock her in a dark house and prevent her from doing all of her favorite things. When I asked my vet, point blank, if there are environmental things I should restrict, his response was, "For someone like you, or someone like me, no. Go buy those eyedrops on the way home, then keep doing what you usually do."

I'm probably overreacting, but the thought of my friend slowly going blind makes me feel sick. Suggestions and info on your experiences are welcome, thanks in advance.
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