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Goodbye to my sweet old foster dog

I got this email from a lady who adopted a young (less than a year old) Black Lab that I rescued from a pound 15 years ago. She was fearful of people and extremely emaciated, full of milk (no pups to be found...), having mastitis and pymetra. She barely made it but she made a full recovery, physically and mentally. She went to a great home and once in a while I saw her and we were always so happy then. It was a bond for life that rescue.
Today I go this email. I know she was not doing very well but it was still so hard to read. I had her only for a few months but she stayed in my heart. She had the best life possible and made many people happy. This made me so thankful for all the foster dogs I have saved and found homes for. I am sure all you who foster can agree with this.

"Dear xxxx,
It has been a very difficult time. I know how much you loved her. Nina was one of those special dogs that reach in and touch your heart. I had truly hoped that you would get to see her one last time. But she had a very difficult night Thursday and by Friday morning she couldn't stand or walk. It was clear that her time had come. Even though we had her with us for 14 years, the time still feels too short, but she will live forever in our hearts. She taught me so many things and I will never forget those beautiful soulful brown eyes.
I want to thank you for saving her life so that we could share our life with her. My heart is broken, but I hope she is at peace and knows how very much she was loved.
With gratitude and love,"

Then I look at Deja who never knew any misery in her life and who is healthy and full of spunk. I am so grateful to share my life with dogs.
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