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My boy Luca

1 year old GSD

Taken from an abusive family which apparently was caught holding him down and beating him with sticks. Lord knows what other abuse and mistreatment he endured before that.

About 4 hours of driving later, I finally got to meet him. The first thing I noticed as he approached me was his calm, relaxed and confident demeanor. He reportedly had zero previous training, even having to be house trained by the foster family. There was no way I was going to leave without taking him home!

The first issue was that he was very afraid of getting into cars; mine included. Unfortunately we had to gently lift him into the car completely against his will to get him inside, but the bright side is he is very sweet and only displayed fear and no aggression. I had confidence that whatever caused this reluctance would resolve itself with me, and I am happy to say it took but 2 days for him to completely rid of the fear and he now happily and eagerly jumps onto the back seat as soon as I open the car door.

He had quite a bit of anxiety as I drove away with him, but it didn't take long for us to bond. This was him about an hour into the ride, asleep with his head snuggled against my arm.

Took him to the vet the next day, and got a completely clean bill of health.

About him; in short, he's very chill and relaxed. He's definitely not trained with your basic commands, however he's incredibly smart, obedient and seems to really understand what I am trying to get him to do or not do. He's completely attached to me. Being only about a year old, he's quite young but shows a lot of maturity and confidence. He watches and observes everything like a hawk and always investigates, but almost never barks.

All in all, I truly love this dog and I am so grateful to have him. We've bonded tremendously in the few short weeks I've had him and i'm looking forward to many wonderful years with my new furry four legged pal.

Thanks for reading!
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