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Originally Posted by Pax8 View Post
Border collies tend to control with their "stare", body language, and more of a "nipping" bite than a "gripping" bite and the concern I've heard is that it is extremely difficult to get the full, committed bite that you're looking for in IPO.
I flirt pole my dog a lot and sometimes she gets overexcited and redirects onto my arms...when she does it is a beautiful full grip, even though it hurts I am in awe of this dog's power!! NO WORRIES there, friend.

That being said, if you can find an IPO trainer that understands how to adapt the training to different breeds, you can certainly try and you may even be successful. It will all come down to an understanding of your dog's drive and nerve and how to best develop those for the behavior you're looking for on the protection field.
THANK YOU. We have a very close bond and I know her like the back of my hand.

Originally Posted by d4mmo View Post
I don't think border collies have the temperament to deal with the stress of bite work.
Getting to the Nationals isn't going to happen. Getting a sch1?? maybe
Wow. You do not know me or my dog, yet you put a limit on what we can achieve!! This is not my first dog I have worked with, my training knowledge is vast. I grew up showing Papillons in conformation, and I did all the training on them outside of the show ring because my parents didn't care beyond that. I am driven to train.

I have a breed that is not perfectly suited for the sport, but I am willing to work NIGHT and DAY to get to the highest levels, even though it may be harder and more work than MOST could handle. My dog has amazing nerves, she does not startle easily and is ready to defend me at any moment. She is an amazing natural protection dog.

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