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Originally Posted by SuperG View Post
Would you be an advocate of using an e-collar in this situation??

I am sure Lou Castle would give you more informed advice on the e-collar, but no, I wouldn't advocate using an e-collar in any situation. I would not want the dog to get shocked out of no where, where he is focusing on another dog. I prefer the correction to come from me, and the dog knows it is coming from me. I am just not a fan of e-collars.

Here's something somewhat related. When I had the solar-powered electric fence for cattle, sheep, and dogs, hooked up about 18 inches from the ground along my regular fence. The dogs would run up to the fence, put on the brakes, and look where the wire was, and then bark at whatever dog or person was outside the fence. They did not want to get shocked, and avoided that. But at least they could see the wire, and there was no mystery about where it was coming from. The wire was not to prevent barking at the trespassers, nor did it. It was there to prevent the dog from digging under or climbing over the fence, and it did do that.

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