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Exactly! There is no clear definition for what is considered intelligence in that ranking. It's been a while since I read the book, but I believe that the majority of people polled for the list where AKC/CKC (Canadian) Obedience Judges. So the ranking was based on the breeds that were the most successful overall in the obedience ring - so to me, this is a ranking of trainability, and willingness to please - great asset in any dog, but not what I would define as intelligence.

To me intelligence has more to do with independent thinking, and problem solving.

For example, Gryffon is right up there with trainability and willingness to please. His problem solving is also very impressive. Keeta is very independent, and does need quite a few more repetitions to learn something than Gryffon does. But when she wants something, she plans things out in a manner that amazes me.

Example: Gryffon has a bone. Keeta wants it. Not cool to just take the bone, so she has a plan. She picks up the first thing she finds ( a piece of paper), and lays down a few feet away from Gryffon and starts playing with this piece of paper. She is fully focused on it, bats it around, throws it up in the air and watches it drift down, pounces on it, etc . . . Gryff is watching out of the corner of his eye, and curiosity overcomes him. He stands up leaving his bone behind to go investigate what this great toy is. As soon as he moves away from the bone, Keeta pounces and grabs it.

Now tell me that isn't intelligence??


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