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Saying purchasing from a breeder is killing a shelter dog is truly a load of garbage. It's a chicken/egg argument, the dog was bred somewhere in the world and all dogs deserve a loving home. Where it comes from once it's born is irrelevant to the worthiness of the dog to live in a good home

If every dog was never bred again, well there would be no more dogs very quickly wouldn't there. What we need are more breeders that health test, title, and are truly working at sustaining and improving the breed rather than just breeding two dogs because they are pretty or the family wants a puppy from their special dog. Everyone believes their dog is special, but that doesn't mean they are special enough to add more dogs into the world.

I have a dog from a reputable breeder, I stupidly bought a dog from a BYB, and my first dog was rescued from a shelter. I currently volunteer with a local rescue and my parents foster for the same rescue. All my dogs were and are special in their own way, but from now on I completely leave the breeding to the people that spend years researching and planning. If you want a great dog, stack the odds in your favour

On the flip side there are many awful rescues and shelters out there just grabbing animals left and right so they can make a buck 'selling' them to Joe Public without a thought to the quality of life that animal will have. They just want to look good in the public eye and make money under the table. Those people disgust me just as much as awful breeders do


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