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I'd go and meet with a few clubs if you can find them and get a feel for them... The first club I tried ended up being not too friendly and it wasn't a good experience, almost put me off trying again. But then I stumbled upon another small group who are just a great group of people and I feel no judgment or pressure working with them.

I've got two things going against me, one I'm also a newbie and my dog isn't ideally suited for the sport 'but' we're still trying and just having fun! The guy I'm working with is already bringing out drive that I never could and he trains with some people who compete nationally and internationally so I feel like I'm in good hands. Even though he's used to working with much more intense dogs he still doesn't treat me or my dog differently and that says a whole lot to me. IPO groups aren't always super friendly right off the bat so finding a group you fit with and like is really important because the sport is a pretty big commitment.

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