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Originally Posted by Mary Beth View Post
I couldn't get the link to come up. Seems like it would be interesting. I think you are referring to decoys?
The link works for me. I wonder why it's not working for you? That's odd. It's a helper acting all bad in front of a dog.

Originally Posted by onyx'girl View Post
hidden sleeve/no out = not fun for the helper/decoy. This dog seemed to know the routine. The video looked like an ad for the stud? There is more to being a helper/decoy than yelling and making movement. Reading the dog, less if none body movement and using facial expression alone can be very effective. I think it would be fun! Great rush, but my body is too old to catch dogs safely, but blind work may be doable for an oldster that can't run fast.
It could be an ad for the dog but I'm more interested in the helper. He makes it look like so much fun. I wish I could at least have a go at doing it one day. You can do facial expressions alone to provoke a dog? Wow.
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