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According to the breeder (and her AKC registration, and the contract I signed with him, and her puppy aptitude test, and her health records) she was born March 19th of this year. I got her about two weeks ago, over Memorial Day weekend. I saw the rest of the litter - they were bigger than her, but the size difference between them was not THAT drastic. Also the mother and father were about average size for GSD (somewhere in the 70 lbs ballpark).

I'm currently feeding her Lamaderm puppy formula - I don't really think it is necessarily the best for her and I am thinking of changing it, but it came highly recommended by my family, so I thought I'd give it a shot. If you have any brand suggestions, I'd definitely welcome those - it can be difficult to weed through the various conflicting sources on which types of food are best for which breeds/ages etc.

I'm attaching two photos, both taken today. Helping a small female grow bigger? (7 pounds at 11 wks?)-photo-1-.jpgHelping a small female grow bigger? (7 pounds at 11 wks?)-photo-1.jpg
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