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Agression towards 11 yr old son

We got a Rescue, Bandit, a 1.5yr old black neutered GSD on Sat. Not really any problems with him. he knows a few commands.
very high energy dog.

Last night my son was taking a towel to dry him off from the rain when he started aggressively biting his ankles and tried to mount him, i was standing right there and grabbed his collar and Ben ran away and started crying, the dog started barking at him, i immediately put him in his crate and closed the door.

I was a little shocked at the whole thing...I have read through a few threads during my search but didnt see one quite like this, most were small kids but Ben is 11 and older than them.

I grew up with a GSD and have never really seen anything like this and am not sure how to proceed, should i give him back to the rescue?
I have a trainer to come evaluate the dog this Sat...
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