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The Amish treat their pets like, uh, produce to make money out of. So they could care less about doing the appropriate health/temperament testing/ socializing that makes the best pets.

And there's a reason they a huge portion of the Puppy Mill supplying pet stores. Her not walking on the grass is a HUGE clue that she may have actually spent her life in a cage and not on the runner they said they were using.

That said, she is still a young pup and there is alot you can do to help. First of all, just allowing her time to settle in to a COMPLETELY new and overwhelming situation. Her life and all she knew just got ripped away from her and she had no say in the matter. The fact her life should be better is something you just need to start proving to her!!!

Calm, quiet, giving her time to watch and see what her new life will be like.

But also making her 'work' by possibly making her come out of her crate for food. Putting the crate in a central part of the house (but in the corner) with the door open so she can SEE everything but still feel safe.

She's probably not housebroken, so staying in the crate may be a good thing for you for now

Then I'd maybe start having 100% of the food come from a human's hand. You can carry kibble and treats in your pockets just doling them out all day/night long.

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Good luck and can't wait to see pictures.


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