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Hemangio is quick, silent with few signs. I had one bleed out, caught that, operated & did chemo. Six months later, it came roaring back. The ONLY positive about this is that the dog doesn't really "hurt".
Nasty stuff.

My only consolation with the death of a dog is -- there is someone else out there that needs a home now. That needs MY home now. (I swear dogs conspire). It's not a replacement dog - it's an opprotunistic dog!

It is hard. It is unfair. Your dog was very lucky to have had so many good years with you. She brought you a lot of joy. The cost of that is the pain when they die. BUT for me that pain has ALWAYS been outweighed by the joy. As much as I deeply regret loosing each one that has died, I have fully enjoyed each subsequent dog. Would I choose to miss any of it? No. Although I always feel pain on their passing, it is balanced by remembering the joy they gave me. The only flaw I have found in dogs is that their lives are too short.
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