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A bad day or personality trait? - afraid of other pups.

Hi - I've got a white GSD mix puppy named Inde' and today I took her to her first puppy social hour. There were only 4 dogs and one VERY EXUBERANT large 8 month old puppy and my dog was scared scared scared. I've never seen this response from her before today. Unfortunately, this morning my husband tripped over her when getting something down from the cupboard and practically fell on her sending her scared to hide under the bed for 10 minutes and she just had kind of a traumatic day. Most likely not the best day to take her to a new situation for puppy play time, but I did.

She has never shown fear of people, including today, and is very strongly bonded to me - truly my shadow. It is in deep winter here and it has been hard to get out a lot, I am curious if anyone can tell me if an overly stressful day could cause this shyness in a pup? She kept hiding under the chairs and chomping at any dog who came near her, tail wrapped all the way under. By the end there was a smaller dog she was engaging in play with and having short bouts of confidence. Any advice appreciated.
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