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Puppy and bunny....

My puppy is 6 months old. He is usually very calm except when he sees other dogs, his brother, or the bunny. Bouncy pup he is.

The bunny has his own room with a non-working door (it doesn't close). I just tie yarn around the door knob of that door to another to keep it from opening (people have to duck while crossing the bedroom hallway.... man I want some duck to feed my puppies).

The yarn is mostly effective, but allows room for the bunny to go out (which is fine; he likes to visit my bedroom at night). The puppy cannot go inside but he wants to play with the bunny constantly - pawing, jumping on door, friendly barking, tail wagging and up, play bows....

I want to understand how to safely let them both play together. I once wanted to see what would happen if I let the bunny play with the puppy (the bunny went out voluntarily and kept hopping towards the puppy). My little sister is skeptical about letting the dog play with the bunny (She thinks I'm going to feed the bunny to the dog) so whenever she sees this happen, she forces bunny to go back inside, and cries, "It's like you don't even care!!" (about bunny). This affects greatly on how safe I think it is for them to play together. All this time they were having fun (bunny stayed near pup, didn't run back or anything and puppy was play bowing, tail up + wagging, didn't bite at all!) but when my sister was shoving the bunny back inside his room the puppy was biting the bunny's ears and tail (bunny didn't do anything, I suppose it was not a hard bite). This happened because my sister was putting away the bunny and he wanted to play (I think).

They've had some encounters before - bunny smelled dog before and dog definitely smelled him (and eats his poop). Is there anything I can do besides supervise them to keep the bunny safe?
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