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Is my puppy to small?

Hi I'm new here and I just got a GSD a few days ago and was told she turned 6 weeks on the 28th of Dec 2013. I look at her and she seems to small to me but other people till me she looks fine. Her mother stop producing milk at 4 1/2 weeks. I have been looking around and seen the GSD at 6 weeks look alot bigger then her. I put links to her pictures. The vet said she is health and nothing is wrong with her. It just feels like she is not going to grow big like she is suppose too. Also I feel like her ears are to small for some reason. What do you guys think?

1535502_10201639647208588_1850333980_n_zps5784cbad .jpg Photo by crumike89 | Photobucket

1399792_10201639646848579_780038544_o_zps8a305461. jpg Photo by crumike89 | Photobucket

904473_10201639647008583_1392111033_o_zps9dd23044. jpg Photo by crumike89 | Photobucket
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