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Kodi is doing well, I know he would be happy when we do get our puppy in June.

Lucy's biggest thing is she would sleep and nuzzle into Chari all the time, Chari basically raised her as a kitten (5 weeks old, abandoned with her brother). Her brother and her would suckle on Chari and Chari would oblige and even sleep while they did that.

Lucy isn't alone in the house, we have two other cats, but she isn't a cat's cat. They all get along well, but Lucy is a dog cat in my honest opinion. She even still suckled on Chari in her adult years.

It was odd last night, I woke up in the middle of the night with her on my stomach pawpanting my chest and making suckle noises in the air..which was awkward to say the least. She'd never done that to me before. It hurt, as it was the pain that woke me, and I wondered how Chari put up with that let alone napped through it.

I'm just not sure how to redirect that behavior in a cat because I would need to if she continues that behavior.


Kodiak (called Kodi)-born summer of 2009 (4 years old)
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