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GSD's are not supposed to be that asking "when" as if they are all supposed to hit that, is the wrong question....I have no problem with breeders accidentally having larger pups...but this mentality in the US of breeding larger than standard dogs, attaching some kind of machoism to it is ridiculous, and the WORST claiming it is some throwback to what the GSD was supposed to be...Below are the thoughts from the creator of the breed, on size....

"Physical size exercises great influence on ability to move, for with increase of size, weight grows more in proportion than the strength available for movement, which depends on the density of the muscles, and thereby suffers not only in that particular part of its service which demands endurance, but also in the suppleness of the body, and the power of making quick and sharp turns, sudden stops, and the surmounting of obstacles. Increased weight exercises as well a strong pressure on the supporting frame of the skeleton which affects the bones themselves, as well as the ligaments and muscles .... An excess of size is ... an unserviceable feature for breeding (because) his powers of endurance, his speed and the smartness of his movements suffer in all circumstances. Giants are never nimble.... Such dogs then use themselves up quickly when they are eager and full of ardor. They are, however, generally, lazy and easy-going and for that very reason are already unfit for service."

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