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Last year, I spent nearly 6 months away from home because I was in a bad car three older dogs went to stay with friends - absolutely wonderful friends who took on mine while I was recuperating....

One dog adapted fine, and even when he came to see me, was trying to entice people to play ball with him (he was 11 at the time), another did ok, but when she visited, wanted to do nothing more than be with me, touching me (8 at the time)....the third (9, turned 10 while I was in hospital) was happy to see me, crawled on top of me....but had adapted very well to her new family.....due to my diminished mobility, only two came home and the third stayed with the couple who took her....they also have a K litter female and as the two are besties, they actually were more than happy that I gave them the option to keep her since she is doing well.....

Only Csabre, of the three, really would not have been happy to stay in their temporary homes....a dog who has been kenneled alot would probably be very happy to be given a pet home to live out his life....


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