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Sounds like a training issue, or perhaps just a trait of the dog, or a bit of both. If she comes off under pressure and bites for real, its because she perceieves thats the way to win b/c I'm sure it gets a believable reaction of avoidance if she misses/pain if she connects from the helper... which means if he ups the pressure, when she shows strong forward aggression into the helper the helper needs to "lose more loudly" and show her that is the path to success. Simply, I don't think the dog believes the sleeve bite is effective enough. my bitch will come off the sleeve ever so often, or more frequently change her target to the decoy if she gets whipped... got her to fight harder into the sleeve if she's already on it now, but its not 100% guaranteed to go that way

Have a similar thing with my male. After good strikes with a muzzle he fights to take it off... doesn't do this at any other time. In his eyes, that strike wasn't an effective weapon on the helper and he needs to get an actual bite to feel like he's affecting the helper. Same solution... the strike needs to have an overly dramatic screaming crawling away as though he's crippled performance for the dog to go "holy crap... my strike did that? I didn't even bite him".

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