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is it just my dog or

The older a protection dog gets the quicker they are to think about going off equipment and just attacking flesh?

When mine is in a fight with a decoy if any serious pressure comes or if the decoy gets rough with her she does not go into avoidence nor does she go and grip harder on the sleeve like she use to a lot of times now she will just go after a unprotected area.

Shes done this in the past but now she does it a lot more. LIke today she went right for the decoys chest before she was trying to get his fingers.

Just when there was a little pressure applied or if a decoy gets a bit rough she just starts to think and pulls her own string on them. Do dogs learn this as they get older that they can just kill or maim the decoy by not biting the equipment and just biting other areas? How do they learn it?

She is happy when she does it and when its over because shes allowed to during work. Its just strange that she knows she can do it when she wants to do it, so the hidden sleeve/jacket means nothing to her anymore? Just confusing. Its like she always knew but recently she will pull the string really fast if things get out of hand like shes saying "OH YEAH? I DONT THINK SO BUDDY WATCH THIS" and it works because it scared and pacifies the decoy and she gets praised by me. Have to keep an hawk eye watch on her every move though in work. Real life shes still the sweet amazing dog when not working.

shes not a angry or people hating dog so she wont do it unless there is a fight going on, she has to win it, but if shes just biting something she wont, its if shes in a fight, i wonder if this is common? Blackhorn knows a lot about this i wonder if she is still around?

ALso she will do it way more often with a new decoy who is trying to push his luck with her than a decoy she knows or has worked with a lot. Thats why if i get a new decoy or if i work her on a decoy in defense i warn them of everything shes done. I never work her on a rookie decoy again unless a very experieinced decoy is right there controlling what is going on.

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