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Might be showing soon; Berlin 11 months

I may enter Berlin into the regional conformation show at the end of this month (if I can get over being so completely nervous - I dont think were ready!) Anyways, a few people at the training yesterday were nice enough to stack and photograph Berlin for me. Excuse his messy fur - this was after training, it was hot, and it was windy; totally not prepared. But oh well. Any idea how to groom him so he doesnt look fat? He may have just been extra fluffy since he was bathed the night before the first picture was taken. I dont know.

to compare; here is him wet

Portrait shot

SG1 Valco 'Berlin' Hokschhaus CGCA BA-1 UNJCH HIT TKA TC

(2x) SG1 Rogue 'Tesla' v Huerta Hof AD UNJ HIC TKA TC

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