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Ugh, I hear ya. In fact this couldn't be a more perfect thread for me to read today. Had IPO training this morning, we are currently working "foos." Man oh man, Nox has a habit of dropping his head right when I move forward. So I am having to break it down into every millisecond. I had to give him the body language of moving forward (leaning forward while giving the command) and correct immediately, then release for the toy after I got focus. Sounds so freaking easy right?! But when you are in it, it's really hard to bring together everything, leash handling, eye contact, correction, position, body language, timing...sigh...I was so frustrated and felt like such a fool doing it over and over, with ME messing up everything more than the dog.

Luckily I have an amazing TD, for as hard as she is, she gives great direction and really helped me work through it. By the end I was able to go from stationary focus to movement and no head dropping. But it felt like FOREVER, longer than it should have anyways. So, I feel ya.

Sometimes if Nox isn't worked up for the toy it's because of some pressure. Obedience puts pressure on the dog, and some dogs can't leap out of the pressure into the toy drive right away. And there are different ways of "play" that my dog likes better, he loves to chase, so sometimes I'll throw the ball-on-string or tug and let him chase it, push it back into me, then we play tug a bit. He also loves when I swing it around in the air (tease him a bit) and then give him a grip.

As for the kennel, Nox also used to bark like mad when I put him in the crate at training. My TD told me to drag his kennel at home into the family area. And throughout the day, when I was around the house, kennel him. So he could see me. If he whined or barked I'd walk over, say, "knock it off" firmly, and sometimes jiggle the kennel door to get his attention. The idea was to put pressure on him that was worse than the pressure of the kennel. So he barked, got told to "knock it off" didn't like that, realized, "oh, if I bark, the pressure I receive is worse than being in the kennel." Two days of doing that, no more barking at training.

I know some may disagree with how I dealt with the kennel. It worked for my dog. He liked his kennel, would go into it and lay down throughout the day and slept in it fine at night without any whining or barking whatsoever! The only reason he was doing it at the training was because he didn't WANT to be in the kennel. Same with being in the kennel at home while I was out and about walking around. He was also stress yawning and panting, which isn't good for a dog. Now it isn't an issue at all. hth, and hope the next day goes better! ;-)
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