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I put slightly less then the recommended amount in the bowls and they pick at it, sometimes they finish it and sometimes they don't. They do not eat when I'm not home..the same food will be sitting there when I come home. They will finish that when I get home and if one of them is still hungry they will sit in front of the bag of food and I will give them a little bit more(this rarely happens). I just got my fourth dog and he seems to have the same eating patterns. None of mine gobble up the food or ever act like they have never seen food, they are very slow, calm eaters. I like that they are like that, its definitely better for them not to gobble up the food. They eat slow and actually digest it. They get one treat in the am before I leave and 1 at night before bed. New dogs will get more treats for training, but trained dogs don't get as much in training.

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