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When do you stop "free feeding"?

Blitz is 13 weeks old now - 25lbs. We have been feeding him 3-4 cups of Blue a day. Usually 2 cups in the AM and 1.5-2 cups at night.

Sometimes he won't eat all of the food in the bowl; and we were told they only eat when hungry, so no overeating. At what age does this change to "I eat everything in sight?" Today he has wolfed down the 2 cups in the AM and PM, so I gave him one last cup just now which he also downed. He is now sitting in front of our pantry staring at the door - of course where we keep the dog food! Serious growth spurt happening, I think!

He is not fat, by any means. We were feeding 3 cups a day and our vet told us he looked a bit thin so we increased to 4 cups.

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