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Read the current thread on protection training. In order to have a dog you can do 'anything" with you must socialize the dog when it is young. If the dog is well socialized, you can change your mind at anytime and go from obedience to tracking, agility, SAR, herding, almost anythiing you might want. The basic socialization will make your dog not only a good citizen but fearless when learning new things and working with new people. A dog with poor socialization hangs back from strangers, barks at strange people and dogs, barks at livestock, is afraid of loud noises, and on and on. Your options are very limited with a poorly socialized dog. Start now and introduce your pup to every single person who will stand still for it. Take him everywhere possible, slowly and carefully show him things like cattle, sheep, other dogs, cats. He needs to get all these experiences into his little brain before he hits the age where he starts to be cautious and fearful.
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