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Dear Daisy

This would be your 13th Birthday today. I've tried to write this letter multiple times but tears keep me from typing it. Im thinking back to the Martin Luther King weekend you came home to in 2000. You were a dark bundle of sable fur and were so little we wrapped you in my sweater. You met Uncle Sam and Linda that first night . They thought you might be a two legged baby. You were the baby. Your first year you graduated puppy kindergarten.survived parvo and made friends with mandy ,the neighbor's perpetually loose dog. Every year on this day you got something special like pasta ,plain cheese pizza,steak ,lasagna and toys . You loved Thanksgiving cause it was usually your B-day weekend and you could get anyone to give you something from their plate. I can't believe Im not driving to get you special treats and I havent shopped for presents to give you. Sweetie you've been gone for 4 months now and I still miss you and when I leave in the morning still say Goodbye puppies. Daisy I hope you, Dodger and Sassy are together and playing and feasting on this your day. When I look back on your time with us I want to thank you for tolerating my first time GSD owner mistakes and all the things you put up with. I missed taking you to Cook's Forest and West Branch this fall. Well honestly I miss you every day. Lucky just started to lay on the deck by himself again. Yeah your pain in the butt little brother misses his sissy. You would have loved the cabin we went to this summer but it would not have been so quiet as you would have wanted to talk to every one who went by. Daisy you were a protector and an alarm for us. You got me help so many times when I had insulin reactions and when you couldnt you never left my side. Baby Boo I still love you and would give anything for one more canine kiss from you. I do know that where you are you will feel no pain ,no cancer can touch you and you still leap just as high as you used to. Happy Birthday my sweet girl. I love you.

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