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Thanks, Twyla. Could you be a little more detailed for me, as I have never used an e-collar yet and don't even have one yet. If you and Woolf were walking, and you spot a leashed dog walking towards you right when Woolf does or even a little before -- when you see that Woolf spots the dog and is reacting (alert and animated or getting animated) and you know each and every time the reaction is the same, what is your command to Woolf and when? Then, when would the e-correction come into play, assuming it is necessary? I'm assuming the correction HAS to be for not following the command so he doesn't think it is the other dog creating the feeling from the e-collar. Yes?

Note: in most of my situations, we're on a road, walking and the other person/dog (normally leashed) will be on the opposite side or moves to the opposite side of the road, but even that close always gets a reaction from my dog. The closer they get, the more reaction. I can (and do) turn about and leave the situation, but my goal is to be able to walk on by.

Thanks for all your help.
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