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I have a FA dog that has been a terror when it came to meeting dogs. The method we used that we had the most success with is BAT. Now that he is finding out that other dogs aren't all this scary monster, he gets over excited. Continuing with the BAT and mixing some Counter Conditioning (jury still out on this) is how we are working on the excitement. The trick, as Katdog said, is keeping him under threshold. Recognizing the signals and redirecting him before it escalates.

A prong is used and corrections given for not complying with a command given, not for reacting to the dog. So far the best behavior for meeting a dog head on when walking is having Woolf heel and walking in a curve around the dog. The distance for that is decreasing.

BAT Ahimsa Dog Blog

Behavior Adjustment Training (BAT) | Official site for BAT: dog-friendly training for reactivity (aggression, fear, frustration) by Grisha Stewart, MA

Counter Conditioning
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