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Originally Posted by Bear GSD View Post
I know you wanted a male and you wanted a Whisky puppy, but maybe you might reconsider a female.
When I lost my Elsa I purposely wanted a male so as not to be reminded of her. Also have you thought about the Cash/Ambra litter? I know that that pairing will usually throw some Long Coats in the litter. Were you looking for a LC or did you want a stock?
I guess I would wait until the litter is on the ground and visit the litter and see what you think.
Good luck and let me know which litter you go with!
I'm still hesitant about a female, at this time, mainly for the reason I listed below. It almost feels like betraying my old female, or abandoning her, even before she's gone. As for Cash, he's an impressive dog, but I'm not a fan of long coats (though I hear they shed less than stock coats).

I think I'll give them a call to see how the Zeo litter is coming along.
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