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Its been hard for me to find information about what age puppies reach their height limit. I read the sticky about the height chart, but that doesnt really tell me when Stark will be done growing height-wise. He is now 9 months and it seems like he is at a standstill. He looks almost full grown except he looks like he still needs to fill out. But, my bf and I were noticing he doesnt seem as tall as we thought he would be. (Maybe just because his dad was very large) His dad is 95 lbs and very tall. So, my question is will he continue to grow taller as he fills out? And I thought I read somewhere that certain types of GSDs develop slower. (showlines/ worklines/lineage?) He is half showline, half workline. His mother is an American Showline and his father is a West German DDR/Czech workline. What can you tell from that about his development? Any input is helpful.
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