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Abby My Beloved Little Girl (IMHA) 11/7/12 RIP

Iím not sure how to do this or what to say or what to feel, I have had only two dog in my life and have never had to deal with the loss of one.
So like many IMHA stories my baby girl of 10 Ĺ years old was fine and dandy and acting normal Saturday night November 3rd 2010. Sunday morning I got up and did some work around the house and notice Abby was not eating or moving like normal. I I took her out potty and she did not seem all that interested in that when normally she would be excited. I told my wife that something was wrong and Abby was not feeling good she agreed and we took her to our vet Sunday at noon.
We were told that she has lost a lot of red blood cells and may have IMHA like most if the nasty stories she was at 18% Sunday dropped to 12% Monday morning went through 4 blood transfusions hung out at 14% till yesterday at noon she passed.
I know we did the best that we could and did everything that we could but it does not help knowing we lost our little girl. We donít have children we just spoiled out dogs and money was never an option when trying to get them healthy. But no amount of money would have helped her with the nasty diseases.
My wife and I are torn to pieces about the loss of or girl, we both know she is happy and healthy now but it does not replace the personality of who she was with us. I wanted to say good bye to her before she passed and sort of did but Iím ashamed that I was not there when she passed and it kills me that I was not there to let her go and to let her know how much I love her. I just hope she know that we didnít not mean for her to pass without us there by her side.
With all the name that you had sweetheart from Bun bun to abby girl to twinky I love you and will miss you
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