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I will neuter him when he's mature, we have a ways to go.

Hard for me to step in before something happens when it's the front door, him and my other dog feed off each other and they pick up on the activity outside before I do, and they're faster than me LOL I just intercept and close the door.

In the yard, I go get him and redirect. I don't punish him, I just collect him and redirect. Or if it's an opportunity to socialize, I'll do that ... like have the neighbor come into the yard and interact with him so he gets more used to them.

I confess I really don't always know what is normal behavior for a GSD puppy so I'm not quick to act, out of concern that I might over-react and that's never a good thing. I don't get the sense that he's being dangerous so I feel like I have some time to explore these behaviors and decide what is the best way to handle.

Thanks for the input folks, appreciate it!

This evening the neighbor from across the street knocked on the door. We had a conversation with each other, him on the outside, me and the dogs on the inside. Spirit stopped barking fairly quickly and started sniffing him through the screen. I was impressed with that ... maybe he could tell the man wasn't a threat by the way we were talking?
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