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You have 8 months ,set some goals see how it goes. Can you work with atrainer or have someone evaluate him now to get a baseline and then after some training reevaluate. camp sounds fun. Lucky took his first ever vacation w/ us .We had increased his social outing prior to going. But on leash lucky is pretty neutral. That and I set limits on people about approach. Daisy was our most reactive and i found that she set him off. Llombardo's suggestion of 1 dog would work as it gives you more time and doesnt scatter your attention b/c things always happen in twos. one of the last times we took our two fishing Daisy saw ATVs or something went nuts .We were secluded cause thats how we handled her on trips and as I worked her down Luck slipped his collar walked about 100 yard to a family picnicing and went into Im a starving waif act . They laughed and called my husband and we retrieved our resident panhandler.

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