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We are having a husky camp!

So we are having a husky camp in May of 2013 (far away I know). I'm so excited already! I get to meet a bunch of forum members from close to the midwest. It's only about an hour drive from me and I absolutely CANNOT wait to socialize my two.

I understand that for many this is a weird concept but on my husky forum they regularly do camps and play dates with people nearby that meet through the forum. IMO/observation since this breed is more sociable (correct term?) the owners are more likely to come together. Or is it really that weird maybe even a little unhealthy that strange people and strange dogs meet? What do you think?

Anyway, my second question is this. I will be taking both my dogs and both are a bit DA or reactive (I'm not sure which one). Should I think about skipping it altogether because of this? I don't want to make other people/dogs nervous. But I'm also thinking that because it is far away still, I can train and ready my dogs for the camp.

But how? I have zero big dog owning friends. And I'm not privy to dog parks as we've gotten a bad rap there since Smokey pees on people (not any more!) and has his issues with random dogs.

They designate caution with dogs like mine at the camp by using a yellow or red bandanna on the leash or around the neck but sometimes everyone starts off with a bandanna so I don't really get it. I also like the idea of a muzzle. What do you think?

Also, do you think it will be overwhelming for my dogs?

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